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Typical prices

Setup - from £55
Pro Setup £75
Refret - from £110
Install Pickup - from £35

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Tip of the Day

Make sure the nuts which hold your volume and tone pots are tight. Loose nuts will allow the pots to rotate causing the tags to embed in the component housing or touch other tags causing a short out and failure of the electricts on the guitar

Recent Repair Jobs

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Fender JG26SCE Acoustic

Kirk Hammett ESP


Les Paul Pro

Fender Mustang Bass


professional set ups>

As a player and teacher, I demand a high level of playability from my guitar - precise action and neck set, polished frets and clean fretboard, exact intonation and tuning, and an excellent sound response and resonation. I set all my guitars like this as it improves playing response considerably. Guitars dull with age and usage if not serviced regularly. I offer professional set ups on all types of guitars and related stringed instruments


I offer a complete repair service on all types of guitar - from refrets, fret skimming and rewiring to refurbishment, customisation and rebuilds.

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Tracey: Customising a 335 Replica

This guitar is a reasonable 335 copy and plays far better than it should. However, its black and as the pickups and electrics are not up to quality and the scratchplate profile is wrong this guitar will be refurbished in all gold. I have some Wilkingson PAFs to fit and all the hardware and screws will be replaced with gold parts. The headstock will be repainted and the fretboard cleaned and oiled. Keep checking to view developments.


Northwood R70 OM Electro Acoustic

This guitar came to me with the first five frets damaged and because the guitar has not had excessive play there was question about their durability. So the owner of this instrument wants the frets replacing with stronger ones. The setup was poor and the relief in the neck was considerable. Access to the truss rod is through the sound hole beyond the first bracing but the guitar comes with a special "U" shaped tool for adjustment

This guitar will receive a full refret, set up and restring