If you would like to more about playing the guitar, and would like to meet other guitarists, come along to our workshops. We offer full day courses in Guitar Care, Blues Workshops and are developing Jazz, Acoustic and Rock workshops too.

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We offer one to one tuition in Acoustic, Electric, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Bass at all levels.

Whether you're a beginner or have been playing for years and want to brush up your skills, we can accomodate you and help you maximise your own potential.

<pickup/guiar sounds>

Audio examples of different Pick up and Guitar sounds

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chords in sequence>

First learn how to play each of these chords. The numbers indicate which finger should be used on that particular fret.

<click on the chord to hear the sound>





Once you have learnt how to play the chords, practise swapping between them as fast as you can. With practise, the changes will become easy.

chord sequence>

Use the above chords to play the following 12 bar blues sequence - The "V" symbol represents a down strum on your guitar. When you are confident that you can change chords fluently you can add up strokes to give a shuffly type rhythm



<click on the media player to play the sequence>

12 Bar Blues In the Key of A

12 Bar Blues with 2 string shuffle added




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