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"Blues is my religion, Rhythm's in my soul, Guitar in hand, I took the stand, and lived the Rock 'n' Roll"

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A7: the seventh chord

One of the main chords used in popular music, and a strong element in many jazz and blues progressions.

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GuitarMan Plays The Blues

The Bluesman

Guitar Lessons and Workshops

Guitar Lessons are offered on a one to one basis and also Guitar Workshops where groups of people can get together and learn and work with like minded individuals. I teach a variety of styles from beginners to intermediate and advanced techniques in Blues Guitar Playing and Blues based Rock.

We will study chords and soloing; developing technique and feel and developing tone and using amplification effectively. Also I will offer you advice on choosing and maintaining a guitar for the style that suits you. 

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Guitar Repairs

I undertake Guitar Repairs and  Maintenance on all types of Guitar and related stringed instruments Some examples of what I do areSetups, Fault Finding , Electrical Repairs and Pickup and Hardware fitting and changing.

I will also help you to Improve Playability and make your guitar play the best it can.  I also offer Professional Set Ups, Action Adjustments, Fret Levelling and Refretting.

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Pre Owned Guitars and Parts (Guitar Scrapyard)

The Sales pages are being updated over the coming weeks. Please check back to see what we have got and ask if you want a specific item. We have a large range of items. Also check out facebook page : GuitarMan

We buy Guitars and Stringed Instruments for CASH. Any condition considered: Broken, Damaged, Dented. We also buy Guitar Electronics: Pedals, Pickups etc

We sell Pre Owned and Reclaimed Guitar Parts

Tel 07891 729729 for valuation or more information

Find us on Facebook: Serach GuitarMan