Blues from the Crow

Every month, "The Crow", will write for us on his life as a blues guitarist and luthier. He will offer his philosophy - his slant on things - his blues tips and techniques. He will talk about guitars and his favorites and how to get the best out of them. But mostly he will talk of blues - playing the blues, living the blues and feeling the blues.

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Read and enjoy:
The GuitarMan:
Who is the Crow?

Who is “The Crow; Poet, philosopher of life, sometime musician and luthier; a ragged, hooded traveller upon life’s highways? Battered by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune; endlessly seeking a meaningful destination but constantly wandering into blind alleys and being run down at intersections by fate and adversity. Laid low, yet again, still he clambers to his feet, faces into the howling wind, defies it and goes on. To those he passes, to fellow travellers, he offers a tale or a song. nd “The Crow” plays the Blues.

What is the Blues?

What is The Blues? This is a question one is often asked, followed generally by “How do I play The Blues?  Well…. If you have to ask…

Well, one could wax historical – African musical rhythms and themes melded and melted with European traditions in the unfortunate history of the Black Experience in the Americas. Again one could become mathematical and talk of a chord system based on the first, fourth and fifth notes of a major scale, which underpins the majority of modern popular music. One can talk of pentatonic scales and “seventh” chords containing the dissonant flattened seventh note, microtones, trills and bends – whatever!

To me though, The Blues is a method of expression; a feeling; a reaching out; an empathising and sympathising; a soothing and commiseration by using a musical form. The Blues is a means of communication – reaching out and touching someone else’s soul. And also it is a release; a letting go of anger, disappointment and pent up frustration; it is both a healing and a cleansing.

 Now I can’t draw or paint, I cannot express myself in words like Shakespeare – I don’t even read music, which to me looks like an alien alphabet - and my singing voice resembles a failing vacuum cleaner – but I can play a bit of guitar. I’m a self-taught guitarist, now with long years of experience and I don’t claim great technique or knowledge of fancy scales and chording but I can express myself and my feelings on the instrument through the medium of The Blues.

So, when it all gets dark, when I get to feeling real, real low then I pick up my guitar, play the blues and it soothes my soul. My guitar will speak for me, weep for me, cry for me and comfort me; it is the way that I can bare my soul and get an answer – it is like praying.


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